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If you have not had an opportunity to visit with the Crafty Ladies on Wednesday’s from 9:30 until 1, you are missing an adventure in wisdom, maturity, service and laughter! (2nd best experience is to engage the participants in lively conversation! See Sandy Voerman or Arlene Reiff who can introduce you to everyone!)

The group has a long history (since 1963!). Besides being a
fellowship and support group for one another (and it is), the
group has a mission to bear witness to God’s Kingdom/Culture
through it’s support of God’s priorities.

Each week the group prepares crafts which it then sells to the
public in a yearly fall craft fair. They may joke about throwing a great party with the proceeds, but instead they are giving their time and talent for the sake of those in greater need.

Redemption’s support through the Crafty Ladies includes:
Wycliffe Bible Translators: translating the scriptures into native languages.

Northwest Interfaith: Providing support, companionship, rides
for the elderly and differently-abled.

Salvation Army: Providing food and housing for homeless
Children of God.

Guest House: Providing basic needs for homeless men, along
with job counseling.

Heifer International: Purchase livestock for rural poor to help them become self-sustaining.

Wounded Warrior Project: As the name implies and as the news
stories have revealed, a much-needed safety net.

Sojourner Truth Family Peace Center: Providing support and
shelter for abused women and children.

Beneath the smiling and humorous exterior of the crafty ladies
lies the beating and passionate heartbeat of God’s love for the world. And the congregation of Redemption is Blessed in their ministry. Thanks be to God.

God’s Work. Our Hands.


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