Get Moving

"Get Moving" we exercise in a friendly, noncompetitive environment

Get Moving

This is a program to help us “Get Moving” we excersize in a friendly, noncompetitive environment.

Please come check us out come and excersize or just observe the group in action. We encourage you to ask questions, or voice your concerns regarding your participation in the exercises. We want to familiarize everyone with our format, and what can be accomplished by regular exercise. We encourage you to bring your neighbor, your mother, father, son, daughter, or a friend. We are all trying to become healthier, just like you.

Everyone works at his/her own pace and level of ability; no floor exercises.

We all realize the importance of regular exercise, no matter our age, our level of mobility, or our diagnoses. The need to improve our flexibility, strength, balance and endurance continues to gain importance, as we grow older. We provide this chance, at no cost, to accept the opportunity to improve your health and wellbeing. We accept anyone interested, no matter their limitations.

Check us out without making a commitment! See what we are about!

We meet regularly every Thursday at 9:30 AM in Fellowship Hall.

Hope to see you sometime soon!

Call if you have any questions —
Marianne Martin Parish Nurse 262-783-7514