Eve Circle is Meeting!

It’s Back! New and Improved.

Eve Circle has been on hiatus for a few years but met a few weeks
ago to revisit our relationships, regroup as a circle and refocus our
energy. Over frosty margaritas and buttery garlic bread (there is
a history on this, so read on for the explanation!) along with a lot
of laughter, some important decisions were made. Come fall these
women will start meeting again on a monthly basis but with
clearer purpose – a twofold purpose actually. The group will meet
for a structured Bible study or other adult learning and faith
exploration activity. The group also agreed on a community
service emphasis. Since several “Eve’s” were part of the dynamic
community service task force (from our Developmental Roadmap)
there is a natural fit for the group to implement some of the ideas
that the task force generated. What a beautiful continuation of
Spirit led work at Redemption! Watch for details.

Eve Circle began over 20 years ago as a small group of new moms
– young moms with young children, babies, and toddlers. It grew
to over 15 women as they gathered monthly for a little bit of a
lesson and a lot of emotional and spiritual support as they all
navigated the worlds of elementary, middle, and high school,
academics and athletics, driving and dating, music and mood
swings, bone breaks and heart aches. The annual Christmas cookie
exchange was a highlight of the season as the group gathered in
someone’s home for the consumption of more fabulous appetizers
than any woman watching her health should eat and all took home
dozens of fabulous cookies. Always coveted (forgive us all and
grace be with us) were Norynne’s candied pecans and Sandy
Voerman’s special sandwich cookies. A second annual tradition
grew out of desire to celebrated the coming of summer and the
summer break in meetings. Cool refreshment seemed befitting to
the celebration so the group started going out for a beer at the bar
next door at Petroff’s bowling alley. Remember that!? When it
was torn down, the gals shifted to Mama Mia’s and have gone there
ever since. Today Eve Circle is a group of strong, experienced
women with grown children and some grandchildren – but still
maturing in faith and service.

If you have any questions, please call Deb Haws at 414-257-1915 or email her at krink123@att.net

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