Vacationing Pastor

We went to Disney World!

What a marvelous adventure it was to stand in the Hot Sun, and
how cool it was to experience Disney World through the eyes of
our grandchildren!

Of course, we enjoyed the rides and the spectacle along with
everyone else. Now, at my age, I also enjoyed watching people
from all sectors of the globe and from a variety of cultures. We
witnessed the excitement of toddlers early in the day, and to see
them (and their parents!) become cranky in the afternoon.

I saw a father advising his children (about 5 and 6) about dealing
with the massive crowds of people. I overheard him say: “Watch
out for everybody else, because everyone will try to cut in front of
you, so make sure you stay as close to the front as possible. People
will be rude to you!” After a double take (and pretending that I
wasn’t eavesdropping), I reflected on his message to his children,
and the message of Jesus to his disciples as he sends them out into
the world. (See Matt. 10 for his whole set of instructions!) He
winds up his instructions with the words: “Whoever welcomes
you, welcomes me.” This is hospitality that is beyond civil
decency. This is walking in the other person’s shoes.
So, what, if anything could I say to this well meaning father?

Jerry Anderson, pastor

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