Community Prayer


We do it every Sunday. We pray for the church, the world and for the healing of those who are in relationship to us. But, what do we mean when we pray every Sunday? What do we expect? Why do we pray? These are the questions we will struggle with on Sunday June 1st.

The reading from Acts (1:6-14) and from John’s gospel (17:1-11) portray Jesus’ companions at prayer and Jesus’ prayer for his disciples. Do you pray? Why? Why do we pray together? Is there a difference in praying alone and praying together? Hephatha Service and Prayer Chain

While these two ministries may seem far apart at first glance, they are joined together in the facilitation of both ministries by Pat Abild. (Can we think of other ways that these two ministries are related)? We recognize both the ministries this morning as well as her contribution (among many!) as the facilitator of these ministries.

These ministries our the hands of Christ in the world; they are staffed and supported by the baptized of Redemption. God is praised through these ministries and God’s hands that staff and support them!

Jerry Anderson, pastor

Gathered to Worship. Scattered to Serve.