A Team


The A Team at Redemption is a group of men and women of all ages who have volunteered to prepare the Communion table for Sunday services, they assist with communion, assist the Worship team members and assist the Pastor with any other special elements of the worship service.

One member of the team serves each weekend. The member may set up on Saturday, set up the wine and wafers, fill the oil candles, light dusting, touch up the windows to the sanctuary, or they may choose to do this on Sunday morning prior to service time. On Sunday morning the team member will help the worship team members prepare for service, recruit any help for serving Communion if needed. The A Team member also coordinates with any visiting Pastors to make sure they are comfortable with the order of service and serving of Communion.

We are not all work though, occasionally we do get together for lunch or breakfast to catch up and just have some good old fashion fellowship.

Job requirements: an extra hour or two every other month to assist in sharing the Lord’s Supper with your friends and family here at Redemption. Also a desire to form some lasting friendships with your fellow A Team members and the other member of Redemption.

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