Roadmap Ministries in Action!

Doris Pastorino attended worship Sunday after Sunday, year after year. Now she has a vision problem and, though she can ‘feel’ her way around her own home, she is mostly a stay at home person these days. Yet, she too is part of the Redemption faith community and is touched by you through a variety of Redemption’s ministries.

Doris is among the dozen or so folks who has a regular visitor come to her home. It is through a program developed by parish nurse Marianne Martin, and is supervised by the members of the Health and Wellness Committee. (Marianne Martin, Pat Abild, Dorothy Petranach, Kathy Kunde, Ruth Ellen Nauretz, Caroline Klebenow, Cathi Anderson, Pastor Jerry Anderson, advisor) The name of the program is called VIVA: Very Important Visiting Associates. Doris’ VIVA volunteer is Norma Rader.           Rader,-Norma Every Thursday, after Norma finishes with the exercise class, she visits with Doris.

Sometimes they go to lunch, sometimes Norma brings lunch. Sometimes they make a field trip to a beauty shop or grocery store. Doris reports that during the visit, “Norma will read Doris’ mail, the Redemption “Good News”, and help me prepare my bills for payment.” When it is time for Norma to get back to her own life she leaves Doris a CD (compact disc) that has a recording of the preceding Sunday Worship. Doris says: “I feel I’m there as I listen to the CD on Sunday morning.” The CD delivery helps take the sting out of her isolation, though she does wish that she could hear the “Music of Reflection” a little clearer. (Sing right into the microphones choir!) Besides thanking Norma for delivering the recordings, she thanks the volunteer efforts of Office Manager Jeff Boardman, for developing the ministry, and for training other volunteers to record the service: (Nick Abild, Abby Hemming, Ian Hemming, Kyle Hemming, Morgan Hemming, Bradley Koehler, Mark & Gayle Longley, Amy Noble, Jeanine Rispalje, Lina Schmidt, Sue Schmidt & Kayla Wiesneski) This is the life giving spirit of God blowing through these Redemption hands!

Granted, there is only much that Norma or members of the congregation can do to try to help Doris experience the fullness of the Redemption faith community. So, we as Redemption together support a partner ministry called Northwest Interfaith. (Besides supporting Northwest Interfaith through annual flower sales at Redemption, we also have a line item in the Redemption budget which supports this ministry.) Every day, a volunteer calls Doris for a ‘welfare check’. Doris reports: “We talk about anything and everything. She makes me laugh, feel good about my self, lessen my fear of being 88 years old, a widow and legally blind!” Though she is not the volunteer who calls Doris, Jo Hinzpeter is a volunteer ‘caller’ as well as a volunteer who drives individuals to appointments, errands, etc.

Doris concludes her witness to the impact of these ministries with a note of thanksgiving: “My thanks to Pastor Jerry and [parish nurse] Marianne for visits with communion and prayer. God loves all of you; and so do I!” Doris Pastorino

We are blessed as a congregation, in that we have visible signs of God’s activity through the hands of these children of God. We are blessed with  strong council leadership, who, through the Roadmap for Ministry plan,  helps channel resources we have as a congregation for the sake of doing God’s Work through Our Hands!