Roadmap Ministries in Action!

Doris Pastorino attended worship Sunday after Sunday, year after year. Now she has a vision problem and, though she can ‘feel’ her way around her own home, she is mostly a stay at home person these days. Yet, she too is part of the Redemption faith community and is touched by you through a variety of Redemption’s ministries. Doris is among the dozen or so folks who has a regular…Keep Reading

Community Prayer

  We do it every Sunday. We pray for the church, the world and for the healing of those who are in relationship to us. But, what do we mean when we pray every Sunday? What do we expect? Why do we pray? These are the questions we will struggle with on Sunday June 1st. The reading from Acts (1:6-14) and from John’s gospel (17:1-11) portray Jesus’ companions at prayer…Keep Reading

Worship and Music Conference

On one of the first beautiful Saturday’s (May 11th) after the hard cold winter, 4 committed members of Redemption gave their Saturday to attend an all day Worship and Music conference in Muskego. Let’s hear it for Ashley Duyser and Carol Cobus, Cathi & Pastor Jerry Anderson! Some Highlights: Renewing Worship is in our Lutheran DNA (Remember Luther going to the beer halls to ind music that the people were singing!…Keep Reading

Our Church Mates: Mt. Ephraim

President Janet McMahon, Deacon Albert Alford met the week of June 9th, 2014 along with Pastors Mack and Anderson. It was a short catch-up, how are things going, what are hopes and dreams, kind of meeting between worship services. All agreed that God must have a hand in this as it is going so well between the congregations! The former ‘counting room’ is being converted for an office for Mt….Keep Reading

Accessable Facility Facility

When people with physical challenges want to worship there are many challenges that they face. Redemption helps to create an environment that makes your worship experience extremely positive Do you have a hearing impairment? Redemption offers special hearing devices as well as a state-of-the-art sound system allowing full participation in the worship service. Vision issues? No problem, Redemption is technologically advanced with a state-of-the-art video system and larger print worship programs. You can easily…Keep Reading

About our Church

About our Church

Redemption Evangelical Lutheran Church is a community gathered by God’s grace. We proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in worship, service, learning and fellowship. We scatter to bear witness to God’s gospel in relationships of daily life, Christian service, and support through partnership ministries of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America promoting mercy, healing and justice.