Worship and Music Conference

On one of the first beautiful Saturday’s (May 11th) after the hard cold winter, 4 committed members of Redemption gave their Saturday to attend an all day Worship and Music conference in Muskego.

Let’s hear it for Ashley Duyser and Carol Cobus, Cathi & Pastor Jerry Anderson!

Some Highlights:

Renewing Worship is in our Lutheran DNA (Remember Luther going to the beer halls to ind music that the people were singing! For Luther, and the church today, understanding the local context is an ‘urgent’ matter) Preaching/Reaching “ALL” people is the mission of the church! (This means we need to understand the ‘context’ of the people who are now outside of the church. After all ‘being contextual’ is a Biblical Strategy: note the ministry of Jesus and Paul!) Each generation has its own “Heartsongs”. (In our church culture, who doesn’t get some gooselesh singing ‘A Mighty Fortress’ or ‘Amazing Grace’! What are the “Heartsongs” of those currently outside the church?)

There is an ‘unnamed’ generational and musical bias in the church culture. (Sometimes we find it hard to understand why our “Heartsongs” aren’t the same as those outside the church and so we are biased in favor of our own “Heartsongs”)

Resistance to musical change is natural. (When we change the “Heartsong” of a community, you can bet there will be pushback; after all, it is a “Heartsong…)

Discipleship with Jesus’ posture of humility means that the worship, the ministry is not about us! If the church were only about us already in the church, then we would simply take a poll on which of “our” favorite “Heartsongs” will be heard. (Can we not only discover what are the “Heartsongs” of another generation or culture, can
we also make room for their “Heartsongs”?)

If it’s not about us, and our “Heartsongs” or any particular style of worship and music, what is the church about? MISSION! It is the main thing to follow Jesus and to serve others! Our worship and music are key in how we might make a “God Connection” with the people in dominant culture who see the church as stodgy and unwilling to change for the sake of the world!

Hope Filled!